Company Background

This high standard of quality business was originally formed in 1995, when the need for a quick and cost effective billing system was identified by David J van der Merwe and soon after Integrated Costing Solutions were founded with  “Quantify-it” Full-House Cost Estimating systemtm as the billing sytem which soon  became the most cost effective and consumer friendly billing system available. Individual backgrounds within the property sector and  with exposure to various business plans, analysing of market trends, specific market requirements, plus individual projects transformed I C S to become a huge support system to the construction industry.

Through a process of re-engi­neering and re-structuring various companies were consolidated, and All Africa Housing (Pty) Ltd was formed in January 2016.

The main focus area of this newly established business is to offer a unique service under one roof ranging from own developments, developments in joint ventures, sales and marketing, and support.

All Africa Housing (Pty) Ltd  is driven by a strong team of well experienced people. Together bringing more than a hundred years of construction facilitating, management, investment and skills training to the table, all equally devoted and motivated in supplying a range of products that are unparalleled in the industry.

All Africa Housing have an on-board Quantity Surveyor that keeps on track with new developments and how we can progress and making it better.

The business consists of four divisions, namely Developments & Property Zoning, Property & Business Broking, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Support Services, that includes due diligence studies.

All Africa Housing’s off-site manufacturing offers an affordable solution to building your home quickly and efficiently with the custom options you are looking for.

Residential Housing units are the home-like solution for your whole family and high standard living. 

Our modular building product is the refined and high-end solution for long-term and high standard living, strong and robust structure with homelike internal lining, big space and fully integrated wiring, piping and facilities.

This product can be combined and multi-storey stacked.


  • To remain committed to our clients’ needs
  • To offer a one-stop solution to our clients, taking ownership and responsibility of each project under our control.


  • To grow and build our portfolio of high quality
  • To deliver to the requirements of our customers
  • To build a value-based society
  • The ability to develop teams that produce high-caliber work and to sustain high-performance output.

What make us different and capable:

  • Understanding of architectural and engineering drawings.

  • Knowledge of construction materials and methods.

  • Acquaintance with customs or preferences about how their own company executes its construction projects.

  • A systematic and organized approach.

  • Knowhow in preparing estimates that are accurate and clear for management and customers.

  • Competence in evaluating bids from subcontractors, not only on price, but also on scope and responsiveness with an eye on past performance as well.

  • Engineering skills to structure the estimate in a way that assists cost optimization, possibly with different construction methods and materials.

  • Sound judgment and ethics to ensure that cost estimating serves the business and customers properly and treats subcontractors fairly (no “bid shopping” as a prime contractor or “bid peddling” as a subcontractor.)

  • The continuing acquisition of experience and information to improve results further. This can include finding out why estimates for a project were accepted or rejected, how many contractors provided estimates for the project in question, and if the lowest bidder made any omissions in the estimate it provided.